Venus Love Factor is the greatest love solution that exists on the planet to help understanding love and manifest it in your life!

If you’ve struggled with love and romance and are fed up with being lonely, I know how you feel. I understand your pain, frustration, and sadness. But there’s hope and a way forward.

Imagine … Just one year from now, waking up next to the partner of your dreams and knowing the joy of a life filled with genuine love. Venus Love Factor is genuinely the world’s best solution available today for you to have the love and blissful happiness you want and deserve!


Venus Love Factor is like being given a personalized map to:

  • Feeling romantic joy and pleasure
  • Experiencing a thriving, happy, healthy relationship
  • Feeling loving and being loved
  • Having the partner of your dreams

If you’ve tried everything and your relationships have failed (or never started!) despite your best efforts, don’t despair!

There is a way to find and create a loving relationship with the kind of warmhearted, respectful person you desire!

If you’re currently with someone and experiencing relationship problems, Venus Love Factor can help you understand what’s going wrong and why things aren’t working. But most of all, we’ll help you know what to do to get the kind of love you want in your life.

Simply put, Venus Love Factor is cutting-edge art and science that works to bring you a level of love and happiness that makes your soul sing and your heart warm.


Understanding Love

Venus Love Factor goes beyond surface advice and vague suggestions. It gets to the true nature of love, romance, relationship harmony, intimacy, and beauty.

Our products and services help people worldwide understand how love exists inside them, and then we take them deeper into how, why, when, and where love manifests in their lives.

Our goal is to help YOU have the love you want >>>

Understanding Love

You May Be Asking, “Is the Awesome Kind of Love I Want, with the Person I Want, Even Possible?”

Yes! The love you want is definitely possible!

People think that love is a random or predestined experience. It’s not. However, there are places where you’re more likely to find the kind of love and life you want and deserve.

Plus, there are specific things you can do that help you manifest love and happiness in your life.

Venus Love Factor helps you gain a true and deeper understanding of love and gives you a map, so you know exactly where you’re most likely to prosper in love and have success in life.

You can know and feel the thrill of a fabulous relationship with someone you love who loves you too.
Just Imagine…

  • You hear your partner say “I love you. I really love you.” The words melt into your mind and feelings, and you feel truly at peace.
  • When you look at your partner’s face, you see relaxed joy and contentment and the smile that warms your heart.
  • You hear people telling you how lucky you are to have that kind of love in your life. In your own head, you hear yourself say, ‘Oh my God! This is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me!’
  • You look into the mirror and think, “God, I am so lucky! This is absolutely wonderful!”
  • You catch other people looking at you and your partner, and you can almost hear them say to themselves, “Wow, they look so happy together. I wish I had that.” And you feel a rush of gratitude.
  • Your kid says, “You seem happy lately. What’s up?” You’ve now got about ten seconds to tell them you’ve met someone who really makes you feel good. Then, you get a glorious feeling that you can help your children understand the value of a good, loving relationship.

Venus Love Factor helps True Love blossom and thrive in YOUR life…

  • No matter how many times love and romance didn’t work in the past
  • Regardless of how skinny or fat you think you are
  • Even if you feel like romantic love and happiness might not be in the stars for you
  • Especially if you don’t know what to do … we’ll guide you to have the satisfying love you crave!

One of the unique ways we help you find love is with the greatest breakthrough in recent history.
It’s called – Venus Love Zones!

“In case studies with numerous people worldwide, Venus Love Zones have proven to be notoriously positive for manifesting the love you want with the kind of partner you want.”

Your unique, personal Venus Love Zones are your ticket for how to feel beautiful, be loved, and have the man or woman to go with it!

Here’s what one client had to say…

I didn’t know it at the time, but my husband Dom and I met and still live on my VENUS line!

He asked me to marry him after only dating for six weeks, but I was only 21 years old at that time so I told him that I felt the same way but I was too young to get married. We dated for another five years and he proposed again on our five-year anniversary. We were married seven months later and have had a beautiful life together.

We both feel so blessed and know deep in our hearts that we’re a match made in heaven!

Marge Piccini

Understanding Love - Marge's Venus Astrocartograpy Map

On the right side of her Venus Love Zone map, the green line is her VENUS. It runs through Hartford, Connecticut, where she lives.


Handwriting Graphotherapy For Lovers

In your quest for LOVE and happiness, your unconscious is your greatest gift and possibly your biggest problem. It contains everything you’ve experienced, and all the programming since the moment you were born. It’s all in your handwriting. There are things that are limiting your love, because you don’t really know what they are, or how to access them.  

Our service will give you the specific insights you need to uncover your unconscious love blocks, and the inspiration to move beyond them.

We’ll show you how to use your writing to script new neurological pathways, new patterns in your mind, and subsequently your beliefs and behaviors will powerfully change for the better.

In your personal conversation with Glenn Carlson, you’ll be inspired about a new future, and discover how make that happen with Graphotherapy!

Learn to direct your attention in ways that will work for you, instead of against you!


You CAN have the relationship of your dreams and feel beautiful and loved by understanding love with Venus Love Factor products and services.

Imagine … One short year from now, your feelings of lack of love are a thing of the past, and you’re in a loving relationship with the  partner of your dreams! Thinking about it makes  joy bubble up inside you as your heart beats faster at the excitement of finally knowing the  love you’ve always wanted.

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