It’s time for Finding the Love of Your Life and
Falling in Love with the Partner of Your Dreams

Venus Love Factor is your SOLUTION to Joy and Happiness!

Venus is the human archetype of love, romance, and beauty.
It’s part of the human soul that expresses love—that deep need for union with another soul.
Venus Love Factor helps you feel and experience the satisfaction of that union.

It’s proven that people who feel loved live healthier, happier, and longer lives!

Falling in love, enjoying the thrill of romantic love and the relationship of your dreams is waiting for you. This is the transformation that truly ‘Understanding Love’ delivers! Venus Love Factor helps you learn everything you need to know about how love exists uniquely for you and what your love needs are.

Extraordinary realizations are available to you through Venus Love Factor products and services. You’ll learn and receive:

Indentify Love with Venus Love Factor

How to identify the ways love exists personally and uniquely for you

Define Love with Venus Love Factor

How to define the love you want and how you want it

Relationship Guidance with Venus Love Factor

Guidance and understanding of how to manifest what you want and need in a love relationship

Understanding Self-Love with Venus Love Factor

How to understand love, self-love, and the ongoing flow of your love’s expression


You can manifest a better relationship, a new lover,
and quite possibly the
true love you’ve always craved.

Venus Love Zones show you where love is waiting for YOU!

I’ve always been attracted to women from South America, so Glenn did an analysis of my energies in Peru and Chile. Turns out my Venus line runs through there too! I’m now open to possibilities that I didn’t know existed.
Mike Berard

If you don’t ‘feel good’ about your primary relationship, or if you don’t have one, it’s a feeling that you want to change. Being in love with your true love – that’s what you can have. Imagine the joy, passion, warmth, and happiness you’ll experience when you have that loving feeling! You CAN make that happen.

Venus Love Factor has real solutions that help you understand the depths of your own uniqueness. It’s proven, Love is waiting for you!

Imagine how you’ll feel having the type of love relationship you want with the kind of partner you dream of… Your lonely feelings are gone and you share yourself and your life with your loving partner as they share with you.

Glenn Carlson’s Venus Love Factor solution works!

Maribel Jimenez“The work I’ve done with Glenn has been extremely valuable. I was amazed how much he understood me from the beginning, with just my handwriting.

He has a wealth of knowledge and brings it together like I’ve never seen. He helped me to fully align the spiritual energies of who I am, the energies of my physical location, and to understand them so I could be in the most powerful energy match to support having anything I want.

I highly recommend his work. If you can’t seem to understand why your life is the way it is, and what to do about it, conversations with Glenn WILL be enlightening!

Thank you Glenn for guiding me in my own up-level process to accomplish my vision.”

Maribel Jimenez


Meet Glenn Carlson…

While Glenn’s current life is filled with happy clients, the journey that led to creating Venus Love Factor started the day he died and then returned. In his words:

“At age 19, I was in a near-death accident that transformed my purpose in life. My heart stopped, I wasn’t breathing, and I spent three days in a deep coma. I call it being “Inside the Mind of God.”

Glenn Carlson, founder of Venus Love Factor

For 39 years, he has explored the inner and outer world in understanding the deepest spiritual mysteries of life and love. He traveled to India and spent time with spiritual masters in the Himalayas. He has become an expert handwriting analyst, a master of deep meditation, and has taught transformational meditation.

Glenn Carlson has made Venus Consciousness and Venus Love Zones the focal point of his unique contribution to the evolution of humanity.

Having lived in numerous Venus Zones worldwide, Glenn has intimate, genuine knowledge of how love operates within us, and how it manifests … why, when, where, and how.”

Experience has taught Glenn that a deeper and more fulfilling life is about true self-awareness, loving and being loved, and higher self-actualization.

Venus Love Factor exists to help you understand love, manifest it in your life, and rejoice in the delight. Additionally, Venus Love Factor offers methods to turn your greatest desires into reality.

Nothing is impossible for the Source of All Being that gives you your very existence. You simply have to choose to accept that love power and put your attention on it. Glenn will show you how.

“Until I met Glenn, I never really believed in Astrocartography. After allowing Glenn to work on ‘Where I should live for business and relationships’ I was convinced that his work is the REAL deal. The information Glenn supplied me with, about who I am and where I am, was so accurate it was uncanny. I also started researching what he told me and found it to be solid information.

In my opinion, he’s brilliant! You won’t find many people who have the level of knowledge that he has in this form of art and science.

Glenn is a very warm and caring individual who REALLY cares about your success and happiness.”
JAM, Midwest America


If you’re looking for love, wanting to heal a challenging relationship, or longing to live a fuller life, let Venus Love Factor help turn your dreams into reality.

Venus Love Factor may also help prevent you from making huge life mistakes! By knowing where love and business will flourish specifically for you, you can avoid needless heartaches and costly ventures.

Love is not one-size-fits-all. You can’t ‘pretend love.’ You have to understand and know exactly how love exists for you in your 100% uniquely personal ways. With true love awareness and Glenn’s’ personal guidance, you can make effective choices to create and have love the way you want it. Venus Love Factor is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Imagine your life one year from now… The relationship problems that you’re feeling now are gone. You’re finally experiencing the love you’ve always wanted, and can feel the touch of your true love—that feeling of deep, romantic love!

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