Love Advice!

Do you find that getting love advice in your ongoing process of dealing with your relationship, or in finding love is helpful? Trusting yourself is always a top priority. Listening to your heart’s nee [...]

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Love Tips!

Have you heard of the top ten love tips? Maybe there are a top twenty! It’s not how many love tips there are that matters. What does matter are the ones that work for you. Maybe even more importantly [...]

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Having Awesome Love

Having awesome love is possible, and if you’re thinking in terms of having it, that means that you’re already on your way to getting it! Allow me to point out the obvious. If you can conceive it, and [...]

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Where Do I Go To Find Love?

It’s something we all ask ourselves at one time or another. “Where do I go to find love?” It’s a good question because it means that you’re thinking about having love or being in love. Putting your at [...]

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Why Does The Wrong Guy Keep Finding Me

Have you wondered why the wrong guy that you’re not interested in keeps showing up on a regular basis? What is it with these guys? Don’t they know I’m not interested? It might be insightful to ask you [...]

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How To Find Love

Knowing how to find love just doesn’t seem easy does it? People regularly seem to complain about what’s going on in their love life, if they have one at all. Have you ever wondered about why most peop [...]

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Venus – Money and Spirituality

Have you been sold the idea that money success is a follow the leader, cookie cutter operation? Well, it’s not. You are a unique individual with a special imprint given to you from within by your soul [...]

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How to Stop Waiting for Relationships

Does it ever feel like your life is out of your control? You want love, wealth, great relationships, and soul-singing happiness, but all of it seems to tickle your fingertips and then run away. What i [...]

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Understand Love – Find Out How

Did you know that your love needs to be satisfied in specific ways, or you won’t feel fulfilled? Love isn’t a “one size fits all” experience, but with Venus Love Blueprint, you can learn how to unders [...]

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How to Use Venus for Greater Money and Wealth

Venus Love Factor serves you by helping you understand love and manifest it in your life. However, understanding Venus can lead to greater money and wealth, too. Since you’re going to have the love yo [...]

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