Handwriting Graphotherapy For Lovers

How to Understand Yourself – Change Your Writing and Change Your Life!

Handwriting analysis and restructuring your limiting beliefs and behaviors for living life to the fullest—loving and being loved in the kind of relationship you want!

  • Personal audio fully explaining your love attitudes, behaviors, and hidden motivations
  • Clarifies your strongest needs, desires, and what you need to change
  • How to tell your unconscious mind what YOU want so you can have it!
  • Custom, personalized, precise written descriptions on how to change your writing for maximum effect – in the exact areas that you personally need or want to change.
  • Custom, handwritten explanations delivered right to your door!
  • One-hour phone conversation with Glenn to discover what you need to know and get your questions answered
  • RECORDED call to listen to anytime you want

“Your Instant Human Insight Guide”  86 pages of advanced handwriting insights that will allow you to see right inside people’s minds.  You’ll know the truth!  $197 value!

Product Description

People sometimes lie, but handwriting always tells the truth!

Your handwriting is 100% unique to you. In fact, handwriting analysis has been used for centuries and is so dependable that it’s even used in courts of law.

Graphotherapy takes handwriting analysis and goes deeper with it. Each stroke, curve, line, and space in your writing is an expression of various aspects of your thinking style, emotional expression, and personality.

Hidden in your writing is the key to finding your unconscious blind spots, your limiting beliefs, and the behaviors that trap you in a lesser version of who you can be. While it’s not always fun to learn those things, the exciting news is that graphotherapy frees you to move beyond those limitations, living your life to its fullest and enjoying loving relationships!

How Can Handwriting Help Your Love Life?

The lower zone of your writing is the expression of your Unconscious Beliefs in relation to romance, love, sex, money, the past, and your imagination. It clarifies what your hidden motivations are and what your unconscious mind is already in process of manifesting in your future! It’s crucial to understanding who you are clearly, because your unconscious mind is NOT going to magically change.

Changes in your writing leads to:

  • Being more supportive in relationships so your partner feels loved too
  • Being able to enjoy fully and have greater imagination in romance, sex, and love so you can keep the fire of passion lit
  • Freeing limiting blocks about money so you can finally have the kind of success you’ve always dreamed of creating
  • Transcending parental conditioning so you aren’t imitating behaviors that aren’t a good fit for you
  • Being more persuasive in intimate and romantic matters so you can get what you want and need
  • Creating more emotional stability, combined with the ability to think clearly
  • Enhancing your intuitive powers and increasing your intellectual capacity
  • Being more enthusiastic, effectively moving into your future, and creating the loving relationship you want
  • Being balanced in giving love as well as receiving love from your partner

What do our Client’s Say?

Kristin Borostyan's Graphotherapy Testimonial“Glenn did a handwriting analysis for me and helped me understand my subconscious blocks around money and gave me concrete ways to change my thinking.

I still use the techniques Glenn gave me and will continue to apply his teachings to my life.”

Kristin Borostyan, USA

We don’t usually realize what’s blocking us. Other times, we falsely believe we can’t achieve something or don’t deserve love and success. However, the inner God-force doesn’t put any limitations on us. We do it to ourselves.

Start today to be who you have always wanted to be, and live your life to the fullest. All you have to do is send a sample of your handwriting (a handwritten letter on unlined paper – cursive only; no printing), schedule the call, and you’ll be on your way to greater love and financial abundance.

What You Get with Handwriting Graphotherapy for Lovers – $697

You’ll find out what your unconscious mind ‘really believes’ and what your personality characteristics and behaviors ‘really are.’ Then, you can make conscious choices that will improve your life, possibly dramatically. You’ll find out HOW to make those choices.

  • 100% personalized analysis, precisely detailed so that you can understand what your handwriting says about you
  • 30-minute recorded phone call for specific instructions and to answer any questions you have
  • Details delivered right to your door about how to change your handwriting so you can change your love life
  • How your handwriting can increase your self-esteem, will power, and confidence
  • Information about how to embrace your highest potential in your future


Find Out How to Manifest More Money!

As an extra benefit, Your Handwriting will very accurately tell you about “Your Unconscious Money Condition.” This knowledge can be life changing when you learn specifically How to Change Your Writing and Change Your Life! It’s all inside your personal call with Glenn.

Venus Love Factor offers this bonus because it’s the perfect combination of insight that you just can’t buy anywhere else! Venus rules money as well as love and beauty, and handwriting exposes the real truth about what you actually believe about romance and money! Glenn is masterful at both because he paid the price to learn. And he wants you to have it all, too.

If you’re ready to release the past, solve old issues, improve your love life, start to manifest more money, move more effectively into your future, and increase your personal power, Handwriting Graphotherapy For Lovers is the perfect investment for you.


Your Instant Human Insight Guide!

“Your Instant Human Insight Guide” is 86 pages of penetrating handwriting perceptions that you literally cannot buy anywhere else in the world. The guide comes with handwritten examples of writing – with centuries of wisdom explaining what each unique letter or stroke means.

You’ll be able to see right inside people’s minds. You’ll see into their past as well as their potential future.

Imagine knowing things about people that they are not even aware of themselves!

Glenn learned these unique secrets over the past 36 years, and now they’re yours!

Just by reading through these pages, you’ll automatically develop skills of insight and understanding that you just can’t buy. Their yours, today, free when you purchase Handwriting Graphotherapy For Lovers.



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