What Our Client’s Have To Say

“The work I’ve done with Glenn has been extremely valuable. I was amazed how much he understood me from the beginning, with just my handwriting. As we continued to work together, it became even more powerful.

He has a wealth of knowledge and brings it together like I’ve never seen. He can see your energy from the past, in the moment, and years ahead. He helped me to fully align the spiritual energies of who I am, the energies of my physical location, and to understand them so I could be in the most powerful energy match to support having anything I want.

I highly recommend his work if you’re confused, stuck, or just feel like something is off for you in bringing your vision to life. If you can’t seem to understand why your life is the way it is, and what to do about it, conversations with Glenn WILL be enlightening!

Thank you Glenn for guiding me in my own up-level process to accomplish my vision.”

Maribel Jimenez
“Working with Glenn was a truly soul awakening experience. He really helped me see how I needed to step into the State of Being that allowed me to manifest what I wanted in my life.

I was able to land my first leading role in a New York musical!

Communication with Glenn opened my mind. I discovered that Manifesting works, but there are specific things I need to focus on and take ownership of in order to manifest what I want. He takes very complex topics like astrocartography and simplifies them into “real life” practicalities.

He delivers a unique, remarkable experience. A personal quality that makes Glenn stand out from the crowd is his genuine caring nature. He’s so excited for me! It shows through in everything he does. I can ‘feel’ his love for me, and his commitment to my success through the phone!”

Sean Carroll
“I am so deeply impressed with the love and wisdom that Glenn brings to his work. After our first coaching session, I came to understand more about myself in a wholeness level. I also learned the different type of energy and the location that will create a huge impact on my life. As a result, I can see clearly now where I want to go, what I can do to expand my full potential and live a joyful life.”
Rachael Ng
“I am still in awe of Glenn Carlson and Alan Hickman together in the “From Dinner Date to Soul Mate” call. You need to present this call with more time because this is needed in the world, big time. Glenn is so right when he says that when you have professional success, money or whatever, but you don’t have love, your life is still not fulfilling. And the other way round, love gives you incredible joy.

I remember when I first met my future husband, the first year of being together I was in a constant bliss. I felt so incredibly grateful for having found him that I was busting at the seams with joy. I had been in an unhappy marriage before where there was a lot of deceit. Although I loved him crazily and I think that he loved me in a way, there was no honesty and commitment on his part. Eventually I was trying to find a way out.

With Gerard I found someone that was totally into me and was committed no matter what. And I was crazy for every single detail of his personality, his actions, his life. And I still am, everyday he has me in awe with the passion that he puts in everything, absolutely everything, from our daughter’s education, to positioning the cutlery in the dishwasher with perfect alignment, to always being ready for a cuddle with me.

However, inside of me I don´t have the same fire. The worries of life have gotten to me, and I find myself distracted and not present. Glenn Carlson captured that in my g´s. In my handwriting, my g´s lower part don’t close. He told me that I am not giving myself fully because of past experiences. And he is right. My g´s were full and closed before, when I had another handwriting analysis 20 yrs ago. And the most extraordinary thing is that he said that if I make a conscious effort to change the way I write my G´s, that will inform my brain, and that will inform my behavior.

That is a powerful State of Being. Finally, one of the most attractive actions I can take now is changing my g´s as I write (I handwrite a lot) and calling Glenn Carlson.”

Marinma D., Spain
“Hey Glenn, not enough time to respond in detail, but WOW!  That was almost frightening…lol. I’m going to get my wife to read this without telling her yet how I got it…I want to see her reaction…ha.  I expect she will be nodding her head in the affirmative throughout. I wanted to be sure to thank you for the insights.  I will certainly take them to heart. Thanks so much and I hope you have a great weekend!”
Tom Buford
“I sent Glenn a half page of my handwriting by photo on my phone.  Within a day he sent back details about me that he could never have known.  Even more amazingly, he came with some actions I could take to improve on the things that were not exactly my strengths.  Of course my handwriting would reveal something about me.  I had no idea that someone could see so deeply into me from a half page of writing.”
Dr. Paul Newton
“Wow Glenn, This is so much more feedback that I was expecting.  Thank you for your thoughtful gift of analyzing my handwriting.  You are right, it’s a lot to absorb and you are on point with many of the heavy insights you made.  I so appreciate the seed you planted in my heart.  I will keep you posted on my progress and any “ah-ha’s” I download… Many blessings”
“Glenn Carlson, I’ve been telling you you’re brilliant! Do you believe it yet? The very 1st thing Glenn said to me was 100% spot on about my childhood and we had zero conversation ahead of time. There was no way he could have known. In addition, (this is his real genius) Glenn was at my table when Lisa made her offer and he gave me handwriting strategies to help me manifest the $9800. I did that and more in just  2 days. He coached me to alter my handwriting to create a desired outcome!!! Holy cow that’s brilliant!!”
Marge Piccini
“Glenn Carlson is a freaking genius!!! He told me some really cool stuff about my subconscious by analyzing this photo of my handwriting.”
Dr. Paul Newton
“Hooray for Glenn Carlson! He’s such a generous soul in giving me feedback after analyzing my handwriting. Love his insights! He sent me an audio file of his analysis and suggestions for manifesting my goals achievement faster yesterday. Definitely take him up on his offer to analyze your handwriting! Marge Piccini implemented his suggestions for writing ‘y ‘ in a certain way to manifest more money and got rapid results. I’m crossing my t’s higher now! Connect with Glenn and send him good energy today!”
Tee Ming Ooi
“Hi Glenn! How fun this is! Oh I am definitely a rebel. 🙂 And I don’t think I’ve ever been irritated with money with the exception of this past year. So yes, some irritation there for sure. Sensitivity about how my future is going to turn out? Is that because of the old parental energy? Thank you so much for this, you are so generous to do this!! Love back to you!”
Lisa Rehurek
“Wow! Glenn Carlson what genius. You are such a blessing to our family, and that was so kind of you. My goodness, how incredibly gracious … You make me feel very blessed with your wisdom and insight. I look forward to connecting personally.”
Eli Davidson
“Wow! This was powerful… I was so relaxed and the gift I received was…Own your value, Stop playing small, Come out, Be visible, Own it. Abundance.I had goose bumps as you were speaking and easily followed your visualization along. It was awesome! Thanks so much!”
Marge Piccini
“I liked your handwriting analysis because I believe any bit of self-awareness can help me know myself and be the best I can be. I am strongly aware of the power of patterns in life… and if the patterns I am using in my handwriting are a reflection of my life, then just like the mind-body connection, I can understand the patterns of my life by understanding my handwriting. More importantly I can learn some ways to change my life in the direction I want by starting with changing the pattern of my handwriting! I hadn’t expected that piece of it. So your analysis went from something I would have thought would be ‘interesting’ to something that could be ‘life-changing’!!”
Karen Rohlf
“I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn and was so impressed by his demeanor and openness that I sought him out to gain some clarity.  Once I started working with him I couldn’t believe his generosity and kindheartedness.  He is insightful, positive and really helps you understand what is going on with you using his intuitive insight.  Glenn helps you understand things about yourself and your life in such a concrete way that you have no choice but to see what your next best move is and how to get it.

Glenn did a handwriting analysis for me and helped me understand my subconscious blocks around money and gave me concrete ways to change my thinking.  I still use the techniques Glenn gave me and will continue to apply his teachings to my life.

When my daughter was getting ready to accept to a college I called Glenn up to ask his for his guidance about which college would be perfect for her to attend.  She didn’t have a top school and was accepted to a variety of schools around the US and Canada and was having a hard time deciding.  He used his Astrocartography reading to help her pinpoint a college where he knows she will thrive.  Her college is on a Venus line and she couldn’t be happier with her college choice.  I know that she will blossom there and have an amazing college experience.  We are excited just watching it all unfold for her.

Working with Glenn is a pleasure and it is so easy.  I just pick up the phone and we have a conversation.  I expect to be lifelong friends!”

Kristin Borostyan
“I didn’t know until recently that my husband and I met and have lived on a Venus line!

I was a Bank Teller. He was my favorite customer! My co-workers made sure that I served him every Thursday at 10 a.m. when he came into the bank, by nonchalantly closing their teller windows when he was next up in line directing him to my window!

He finally asked me out on a date. We both knew instantly that we were a ‘match made in heaven’ and he asked me to marry him after only six weeks of dating!

I felt the same way but was young (21 years old) so we waited. We married five years later and have had a beautiful life together. It’s been nearly 35 years! And we still live on my Venus line.

We both feel so blessed and know deep in our hearts that we are a match made in heaven!”

Marge Picinni
“My story of Venus Love Zone energy is amazing. I had never heard of Astrocartography or Venus love, until I met Glenn. We talked, and I was curious so he created several ACG (Astrocartography) maps for me:

  1.           Tucson, Arizona
  2.           Denver, Colorado
  3.           New York, NY
  4.           Peru and South America
  5.           Spain
  6.           Italy

Looking at a map of the world gave me a fresh perspective, especially when I reflected on the loves of my life. Glenn warned me in advance about what to expect, and that some people do not have major Venus energies inside the U.S.

I was surprised to find out the extraordinary part … my only VENUS energy in the U.S. runs through New York. My first love is from NY, born and raised!  The fact is that even though I live in Tucson, Arizona, both of my wives are from NY, and I certainly wasn’t looking for that! We spent our summers there, but primarily lived in Tucson.

I had two wives and a girlfriend, the three most significant relationships in my life, and all had this New York connection. We spent a significant amount of time together there, and upon reflection, my feelings of discontent were in Tucson, not in NY. And I have NO Venus energy at all in Tucson. The relationships worked in New York, but not in Tucson where the breakups all happened. It’s too coincidental for this not to have validity.

I’ve always been attracted to women from South America, so Glenn did an analysis of my energies in Peru and Chile. Turns out my Venus line runs through there too! I’m now open to possibilities that I didn’t know existed.

If you’re looking for love, or whatever you want, work with Glenn and you just might get it.”

Mike Berard
“Glenn is a master at what he does.  He has used his skills in handwriting analysis, manifesting, and Venus astrocartography to help me understand what I can tweak and how I can do so in order to attract what I want in my life.

Glenn is extremely positive, friendly, caring, trustworthy, honest and generous.  It’s a joy to work with him.

He helped me to hone in on the solutions in my life.  If I want something, yes, there are outward things I could be doing. But there are also things inside myself which can be shifted to achieve more of what I want.  Working with Glenn has crystallized this for me.

Glenn delivers a unique experience which most of us hadn’t even considered before.  It’s more than worth connecting with him to move closer to your dreams!”

Colleen Slaughter
“Until I met Glenn I never really believed in Astrocartography.  I’m a very no nonsense kind of person. After allowing Glenn to work on “Where I should live for business and relationships” I was convinced that his work is the REAL deal. The information Glenn supplied me with, about who I am and where I am, was so accurate it was uncanny. I also started researching what he told me and found it to be solid information.

Glenn is a very warm and caring individual who REALLY cares about your success and happiness. People don’t earn my trust unless they deserve it. Glenn has earned my trust because he goes way above and beyond when it comes to getting you results in what you paid for, and the fact that he really does care about people’s happiness and success.

After following Glenn’s advice I learned why my personal life didn’t work well where I lived. Upon visiting the first destination Glenn suggested I met someone within THREE hours of arriving there. I also felt totally alive in the new environment.

In my opinion, Glenn is brilliant! You won’t find many people that have the level of knowledge that he has in this science.”

JAM, Midwest America