Marge Picinni's Astrocartography TestimonialMy name is Marge Piccini. I didn’t know until recently that my husband and I met and have lived on a Venus line!

I was a Bank Teller. He was my favorite customer! My co-workers made sure that I served him every Thursday at 10 a.m. when he came into the bank, by nonchalantly closing their teller windows when he was next up in line directing him to my window!

He finally asked me out on a date. We both knew instantly that we were a ‘match made in heaven’ and he asked me to marry him after only six weeks of dating!

I felt the same way but was young (21 years old) so we waited. We married five years later and have had a beautiful life together. It’s been nearly 35 years! And we still live on my Venus line.

We both feel so blessed and know deep in our hearts that we are a match made in heaven!

Below is Marge’s Venus Love Zones Map, followed by a brief explanation of how her energies manifest as love and success!


On the right side of her Venus Love Zone map, the green line is her VENUS. It runs through Hartford, Connecticut where she lives. Nearby she also has Jupiter and Saturn lines. Here’s an explanation of those, followed by how they merge together and have influenced her life.

Venus Ascendant

Romantic love and marriage may blossom here and you will prosper through having a partner in your life.

Other people will find you charming and pleasant to be around in this location. You have a natural way about you that others find appealing and attractive. You will be popular, because of your ability to recognise and bring out the best in others. You are well suited to dealing with the public and could enjoy professional success in personnel work, sales, the arts or entertainment industries and counselling.

Venus in 6th House

This is one place where you could really enjoy your work, particularly if the job involves caring for or looking after others. In general, your work environment is harmonious and relatively free of pressure and tension. You may even meet someone special through work!

Jupiter on Imum Coeli
All things considered, your home and family life should be happy here and you can expect your family’s support and good will. Your relationship with your family is favorable, and they will want to help you as much as they can; including financially if necessary. Real estate should increase in value and you should enjoy wealth and comfort in your retiring years.

Jupiter in 4th House
This might just be one of the best places in the world for you to live. You feel quite at home and secure here. Family matters go well, property values increase and wealth seems to accumulate as you get older. Your home may be an environment of learning or teaching.

Parans  (Crossing Lines)

Jupiter I. C. crosses Venus Descendant

Your love and relationship life should be happy and satisfying. You could meet a partner or deepen your feelings for an existing lover. Your social life is active and you are popular and well-liked by others. You feel good about yourself and life in general at this location. Artistic success is possible.

**Marge also has a major Saturn energy here, and that adds the structure and focus to be a success in any areas she chooses. Beyond having the love of her life and a blessed marriage, not coincidentally, Marge has earned hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars here in her Venus-Jupiter-Saturn location.

This is an example of the potential of Venus Love Zones, and the power of ‘Getting Into Your zone’!